"Leah put me at ease while building confidence in my own abilities. She's a beautiful dancer and a compassionate teacher." 

— Gayle Podrabsky, Seattle

Leah Vendl is an improviser, dance adventurer, and organizing member of Recess Productions who has taught at blues and fusion events across the US, in the UK and in France. Leah prefers she/her/hers pronouns. She has been dancing since she had someone to dance with but fell in love with social partner dancing  10 years ago. She believes social dance can empower a diversity of voices and bodies and teaches a role-fluid, consent-focused dance practice. 

Leah has a background in contemporary dance, improvisation and solo movement. Contact her about teaching blues dancing, solo blues movement, and consent in partner dancing  classes.


"Leah's sets are a deep celebration of SELF. Get on the dance floor, express who you truly are, and settle into the deepest groove your body can find."

— Mr. Moo / Milo Walker-Hayden, Portland

"Your DJing is deeply emotional and makes me move."

— Christopher Moorefield, Eugene, OR

"Your sets remind me of everything that is beautiful in the world."

— Andrew gabler, Seattle 

Leah started DJing for house parties in Seattle and Tacoma in2010 and has since DJ'd at blues and fusion events across the US, in Paris, London, and Spain. She particularly loves taking the  room for a ride, transporting dancers from a funky polyrhythmic party to stripped down acoustic moments. Her sets have been described as liquid, chewy and gosh-darn luscious. You'll know the party's really going if everyone's getting down, and so is she—doing the worm.