Leah Vendl: Partner Dance Teacher & DJ

Teaching Dance

"Leah put me at ease while building confidence in my own abilities. She's a beautiful dancer and a compassionate teacher." 

— Gayle Podrabsky, Seattle

Leah Vendl is an improviser, dance adventurer, and organizing member of Recess Productions who has taught at blues and alt-blues events across the US, in the UK and France. Leah uses she/her/hers pronouns. She has been partner dancing for a decade and believes social dance can empower a diversity of voices and bodies. She teaches a role-fluid, consent-focused dance practice. 
Leah has experience in contemporary dance, improvisation and solo movement. Contact her about teaching blues dancing, role-fluid dance classes, in small groups, or in workshop settings.



"Leah's sets are a deep celebration of SELF. Get on the dance floor, express who you truly are, and settle into the deepest groove your body can find."

— Mr. Moo / Milo Walker-Hayden, Portland

"Your DJing is deeply emotional and makes me move."

— Christopher Moorefield, Eugene, OR

Leah started DJing for Seattle & Tacoma house parties around 2010 and has since DJ'd at blues and alt-blues events across the US, in Paris, London, and Spain. She particularly loves taking the alt-blues room for a ride, transporting dancers from a funky polyrhythmic party to tender acoustic moments. Her sets have been described as liquid, chewy and gosh-darn luscious. You'll know the party's really going if everyone's getting down, and so is she—doing the worm. 

"Your sets remind me of everything that is beautiful in the world."

— Seattle dancer

Private Lessons

"Leah has so much to impart for both traditional and alt-blues. Numerous tips and techniques, great body awareness—she created and warm and friendly environment in which to learn."

— Erin Macguire, Edinburgh
Leah loves to work one on one towards personal dance goals, focusing on connecting to yourself and your partner. Let's start a conversation and discover how partner dancing can bring you home to your body!

Get in touch!

Contact Leah at lcvendl@gmail.com. Let's dance!

Top photo: K. Liesirova, European Blues Invasion 2015 (London)

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