swing (2011)
human hair, string, found wood, nails

if (2010)
human hair, string, kraft paper, charcoal, burlap 

abeyance (2011)
human hair, glass
stuck: two braids cut in india and australia and an unknown ponytail (2011)
human hair, found wood, nails
tagged (2011)
human hair, canvas, thread
pinned series (2011)
human hair, found wood, nails

"the complicated sense memory of someone else's hair"

ā€” Don DeLillo, The Body Artist

That the hair belonged to someone else explained to me my compulsion to collect it. In a time of frequent separation from people close to me, I tried to keep them physically near by requesting a lock of hair. I created connections with near strangers by having them share (literally) an intimate piece of themselves with meā€”an act demonstrating assuredness that Iā€™d soon be separated from them too. 

I was shaking when I opened the bags of hair clippings which had sat dormant for yearsI found they still held the smell of each person. Something beyond my own disgust at the coarse chopped texture (even of my own hair) made manipulating the loose material difficult; it felt like violation. A few times I even felt like I should ask the person if it was okay if I put that dead part of them on display.

I was surprised how tenderly I handled the hair as material, how I gasped when I dropped a piece of itas if it were a fleshy part of a person falling to the groundor as if my own hair were coming out in my fingers.