Photo: Kai Hayashi

Private Lessons

Leah is by far the best dance teacher I've ever had. She blends technical expertise, intuition, and easy communication to create a dance experience that feels specially made for me. I always leave looking forward to my next class!


Leah has so much to impart for both blues and fusion. Numerous tips and techniques, great body awareness—she created and warm and friendly environment in which to learn.

— Erin Macguire, Edinburgh

Private lessons are secretly my favorite format to teach! I love the possibility to customized container to focus on your growing edges and what you're needing on that day. Dance can bring up emotions! My private lessons have space for the varied emotional states that may arise when getting in touch with your body and your dance.

I'd love to work one-on-one with you towards your personal dance goals in a private lessons setting. We'll focus on connecting you to yourself and to your partner and shape our lessons to cover anything from basics to personalized curiosities. I also love teaching pairs or small groups.

Let's start a conversation and discover how partner dancing can bring you home to your body! Reach me at for sliding scale rates and availability.