Rose City Blues 2018 — solo riffin' competition—2Nd Place
emerald city blues 2019 — mix and match — 2nd place with jalen williams
Rose City Blues 2016 — Strictly Spotlights — 3rd place with Tito Chavez-Nguyen
Fusion Dancer's Waltz — Composition by Eleanor Chen — filmed by samuel ness
hot Blues in toulouse 2016 — strictly final — 1st place with  justin riley
rain city blues 2016 — all star J&J — 2nd place with Philippe Wilson
RAIN City Blues 2015 — Solo Blues Competition — 2nd Place 
RAIN City Blues 2015 — Rising Star Jack & Jill — 2nd place with Flouer Evelyn
Seattle Fusion Festival 2015
Solo Blues / Dance Your Consent Instructor Demo with Carey French
Week 6: Leah Vendle at The Clandestino Recess: Valencia, Spain.

Week 6: Leah Vendl at The Clandestino Recess: Valencia, Spain. Dancing to Thomas White & Timbah's new release - Love Letter. (and now I'm caught up!)Oh, how Recess and Leah Vendl inspires me! Here in Valencia we are all still recovering from producing a 4 day street-party in cohort with the amazing SPIRT of St. Louis dance school. We called it the Clandestino Recess. It included lots of less-than-fully-legal street, plaza, and beach dance parties until sunrise... or until the cops came... night after night after night. This video was done during a dance at the Palau de Musica in El Rio. Our 2nd venue of our extensive Saturday night production, and all lit up with a tri-tiered chandeliers of candles! This week's new track is off of Montreal-based Thomas White and UK's Timbah's new collaborative EP release, and the track is Love Letter. Thanks Leah, and thanks Recess, you both inspire me!The new Track: the full list of the NuMusic/NuMovement videoblog project:

Posted by Justin Riley on Thursday, June 11, 2015